1.Supplier Quality Management
- Pre-shipment/finished product inspection
- Manufacturing processes audits and processes improvement
- Supplier & Supplies Management
    2. Quality Management System
Establish company Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 45001, ISO 13485)
- Internal Auditors Training
- Quality Management System audit and follow-up
    3. ROHS
- Establish Company RoHS System and Product compliance
- RoHS Training
- RoHS System and Product compliance audit
   4. Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Corporate Social
       Responsibility (CSR)
- Compliance to OHSAS 18001/SA8000/ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 standards audit
   5. Product Safety and Environmental Regulatory Compliances
- Establish Product Safety and Regulatory compliance validation and audit system.
   6. New Product Development
- New Product Development and Shipping schedules tracking and co-ordination
   7. New Supplier System and Processes Audit
- Determine if your identified new supplier can meet the quality requirements to manufacture acceptable quality products
   8. Components/Materials/Finished Products Sourcing and their Suppliers Qualification


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